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Healthcare Lighting

Lighting solutions for healthcare environments

Complex healthcare environments demand thoughtful lighting solutions.

Lighting must be welcoming, calming, professional and practical while boosting staff productivity and wellbeing.

And all this while running with minimal maintenance and saving energy at the same time.

Our high-quality luminaires, combined with cutting-edge research and engineering, have delivered outstanding lighting solutions for hospitals, clinics and other medical environments.

Great lighting and quality healthcare go hand-in-hand.

Clinical Applications

A high colour rendition is essential in multiple healthcare spaces such as operating theatres, examination rooms, intensive care units, MRI suites, recovery areas, scrub zones, and utility rooms. It is also recommended that luminaires selected for sterile environments include antimicrobial powder coating for infection control and are designed for safe and easy wipe-down cleaning.

Healthcare lighting resources, news & projects

Below are a selection of our resources, luminaires and past healthcare lighting projects.

Wards/Patient Rooms

In modern hospital wards, ambience can have a direct effect on patient recovery times. The aim is to create a comfortable, relaxing environment giving control of the immediate surroundings to the patient. Glare must also be minimised to make the recumbent patient as comfortable as possible.

Tuneable White for Healthcare

Lighting for hospital applications is one of the more complex tasks as there are opposing requirements when considering best outcomes for patient recovery – which usually conflict with the requirements of lighting for staff caring for the patients.

Considering the requirements for patients, and these vary depending on the complexity of the condition and stage of the recovery cycle, providing flexibility in control of lighting in support of photoentrainment, the circadian cycle is proven to be beneficial to recovery.

The provision of tuneable lighting and control of colour temperature plus levels of illumination throughout the day and night is necessary. Access to daylight is also a key consideration for the improvement of patient care. For lighting overnight, the contribution of the amber spectrum is best practice.

Secure Mental Health

Luminaires selected for mental health units should be assessed to ensure that they do not create any additional safety hazards for patients or staff. They should be safe, durable, tamper-proof and concealed where possible.

Admin/ Consulting Areas

Consulting and Administration areas need to provide a user-friendly, performance-based and comfortable environment for all working in this vicinity. Visual comfort is paramount to the staff as they work long shifts and travel throughout many different areas of the hospital.

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