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Controls & Connectivity

The ever-changing environments where people work, play and live mean that lighting expectations and demands are increasing.

At Eagle Lighting we collaborate closely with our clients to help them find the right control solution for their unique projects.

With a passion to push the performance of lighting, our future-orientated approach ensures that we develop luminaires that maximise the latest in technological developments, personalisation, data and analytics that advanced control options offer.

Watch our introduction video here: Introducing Organic Response Lighting Control

At Eagle Lighting we have an extensive integrated controls offering.

By installing a luminaire with integrated controls the installation of the luminaire is simplified and can remove the consideration of local wall switches and other PIR sensors.

Choosing an integrated control is a matter of identifying the level of functionality, occupancy rules and the level of end-user/ occupant input - automation of lighting and dimming all depend on the application use cases.

As we move towards the intelligent layer, there are more design considerations and options to discuss with our trained staff.

Personalised lighting at the office space, different light levels in the classroom, presence detectors outdoors or dynamic retail stores - Eagle Lighting offers a variety of lighting control options; find the right one for your project.

Organic Response: Our intelligent lighting solution

An intuitive solution for energy-efficient spaces.

Organic Response is a completely wireless “plug & play” lighting control system that allows each individual luminaire to make lighting decisions based on the presence of occupants in its immediate vicinity, ambient light levels, and information it receives from its neighbouring luminaires.

It then contributes information back to the luminaire community, so other luminaires can also make more informed lighting

Although they make decisions individually, the Distributed Intelligence architecture means all the lights in the
space act as a coordinated community.

Generating the exact amount of light required not only minimises energy consumption but also ensures an optimally
lit environment whilst maximising the lifetime of the luminaire.

An ‘out of the box’ lighting controls solution

With wireless communication and presence detection out-of-the-box, simply connect to power and your space is immediately operational.

Organic Response is easy for occupants to control through a smartphone, and wireless, battery-free, local panels can be installed as permanent control surfaces.

And with the advanced technology of Organic Response, your facility is IoT-ready to adapt seamlessly to advances in technology, without the higher costs associated with legacy-cabled lighting control systems.

Unlocking value beyond illumination

Greater functionality is available from the system via the OR cloud platform. Access is simply enabled with the addition of an IoT gateway, which then gives the user a fully connected system.

The OR connected solution offers everything ‘out of the box’ plus a host of features including scheduling, heat mapping via the ORT Portal, reporting and maintenance view, high-level BMS, high-level IP integration and upgradeable features over the air.

A truly smart building requires open and interoperable systems, OR features an open API that provides two-way integration between lighting control and your smart building’s ecosystem.

Install today, be ready for tomorrow.