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    ELLE: Modular Lighting System

    Designed, tested and manufactured in Melbourne, the ELLE range is our new modular linear lighting system.

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    Silencio: Arin

    Designed, tested and manufactured in Australia, Arin is a unique pendant that advances lighting performance while simultaneously reducing acoustic reverberation.

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    OmniPOD Family

    The creative freedom offered by LED has been embraced in the unique design of the OmniPOD family of luminaires.

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    "It was a pleasure working with Eagle Lighting. They provided a tailored lighting solution to meet not only the aesthetic qualities we were looking for but also ensured the right functionality was provided to meet the level of flexibility that had been designed into the project."

    We're here to brighten up your life.

    Our lighting solutions provide a positive experience for everyone. From the end-users, who need quality lighting for healthy and productive environments, to building owners and facility managers, who get an energy-efficient, sustainable, and easy to control solution.

    All project stakeholders get something they won’t find anywhere else: genuine local manufacturing, coupled with expert advice and a comprehensive portfolio of luminaires.

    At Eagle Lighting, our collaborative approach, local technical expertise, and decades of experience come together to create lighting solutions that deliver exceptional results for everyone.

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