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  • Scoot Linear two close CAROUSEL
  • SCOOT LINEAR 24530 overhead background CAROUSEL
  • SCOOT LINEAR 24524 background closeup CAROUSEL
  • Scoot Linear white CAROUSEL
  • Scoot Linear white 2 CAROUSEL
  • Scoot Linear green CAROUSEL
  • Scoot Linear green 2 CAROUSEL
  • Scoot Linear dustyplum CAROUSEL
  • Scoot Linear blue CAROUSEL
  • Scoot Linear blue 2 CAROUSEL
  • Scoot Linear black CAROUSEL

Scoot linear

A modern direct/indirect lighting solution for modern offices. Available with Delta louvre in five colours.

  • General Information

    For full product details please visit Fagerhult:

    Scoot linear is the latest addition to the Sweep & Scoot family, and our new little brother features a truly subtle design language.

    A “protracted super ellipse” that becomes a linear pendulum, but with the typical rounded shapes, just like the rest of the family.

    Sweep and Scoot family

    The Sweep and Scoot family are attractive luminaires with colour, shape and function in focus. A team where comfort and feeling are central concepts. The luminaires are durable and future-proof and meet the demands of a modern work environment for lighting.

    It's the details of a room that either divide - or tie everything together.

    The Sweep and Scoot family have the ability to work both ways. The colourful luminaires can act as the essential element of a room, creating a coherent and uniform appearance. The luminaire family can tie together a room with its shapes by being the unifying element in the interior.

    However, the Sweep and the Scoot family can also be used as individual units, something that catches your eye and causes your senses to react. They can be a bold and odd element that breaks with the rest of the interior.

    Choose yourself how you want to work with the family.

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