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Concava is an aesthetically pleasing surface-mounted overbed light, designed for hospitals, aged care and nursing homes.

Local manufacture
Eagle Lighting
  • General Information

    In the budget-constrained medical sector, Concava is an aesthetically pleasing surface-mounted overbed light, designed for hospitals, aged care and nursing homes.

    Designed, tested and manufactured in Australia, Concava is engineered and purpose-built to meet the requirements for healthcare applications.

    Concava offers performance characteristics to match the demands of a modern healthcare facility at a competitive price point.

    Premium in style, shape and construction and available in 600mm and 900mm lengths, Concava is constructed from single piece extruded aluminium and coated with an antimicrobial powder coat finish providing an exceptional aesthetic appeal. An internal reflector system and light-guiding optical layer, coupled with clear acrylic outer diffusers, offer premium lighting control while allowing for easy wipe down/bacteria control.

    Concava provides 3 lighting modes: Upward ambient light, downward direct (reading) light and combined upward and downward lights set at 100% for examination lighting (*).

    An additional selection for Concava is an optional Amber LED night light provided to optimise patient sleep and recovery.


    Concava provides upward asymmetric light distribution for ambient light effect, over bed downward direct light for reading and other tasks and combined upward and downward light for examination lighting (*) (all at 100%).

    The upward forward throw asymmetric light distribution is combined with bi-symmetric downward light distribution to deliver outstanding optical performance. Recessed LED modules behind precision diffusion sleeves provide visual comfort. Lighting levels can be individually adjusted, combined and controlled via a DALI interface. The available lumen packages also vary between the 600mm and 900mm housing length.

    DALI with CLO (Constant Light Output) enabled as standard. Other options may be possible via customisation.

    The optional Amber component is no ordinary night light!

    The spectrum of the PC (phosphor-converted) Amber LED is wide enough to provide basic object recognition at night, but at the same time it lies far away from the melanopic action spectrum region (480-490nm), ensuring that the light does not cause melatonin suppression, thereby minimising the risk of various negative side effects caused by circadian phase misalignment.

    Installation and maintenance of Concava is simple and easy to perform. Concava is provided with a separate steel wall mounted back plate to facilitate the quick-connect electrical connection and support the one-piece aluminium luminaire housing. The luminaire body is securely supported by longitudinal upper and lower hook rails and fastened from above by two locking screws.

    *For examination light levels supplementary ceiling lighting may be required depending on ward or room layout.

    Key Family Details

    • Optical System:
      Combination of Clear acrylic cover and Opalescent optical layer
    • Mounting Type:
      Surface (Wall) Mounted
    • Colour Consistency Initial:
      3 SDCM
    • Finish Options:
      Antimicrobial Gloss White
    • System Warranty:
      5 years
    • CCT:
      Direct: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K / Indirect: 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
    • CRI (Ra):
    • R9:
    • COI Compliant:
      Models without a 3000K component are compliant
  • Technical Information

    Concava Dimensions v1 300421
    • Codes: EL-CON-1100/ 1101/ 1102-244
      L = 628; W = 154; H = 115; 5.0kg
    • Code: EL-CON-1103-244
      L = 628; W = 154; H = 115; 5.2kg
    • Codes: EL-CON-1500/ 1501/ 1502-244
      L = 908; W = 154; H = 115; 7.0kg
    • Code: EL-CON-1503-244
      L = 908; W = 154; H = 115; 7.2kg
    Concava polarcurve v1
    Nominal polar curve

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