Light for Commercial Food Prep. Areas

Published 01 May 2020

Food safety standards in Australia and New Zealand require a food business to adhere to strict guidelines concerning hygiene, cleanliness and equipment.

The standards apply to all Australian and New Zealand food businesses and establish fundamental requirements for minimising food safety risks.

There are specific requirements concerning the design and installation of lighting equipment that is suitable for use in a food preparation area.

Well, did you know that we have a range of products suitable for commercial food preparation areas that meet the required food safety standards?

Our product families suitable are:

- Allfive LED
- Cleanroom IP44
- Cleanroom IP65
- Densus LED IP65
- Flexitroffer (*),(**)
- Pleiad G4 (***)
- Vertex (*),(**)

(*) Wipe down film versions are recommended.

(**) AS4674-2004, Clause 3.2.8 (3rd edition of Safe Food Australia, 2016) - Ceiling types - T-bar ceilings cannot be used in food preparation areas.

(***) Cover plate accessory is required.


- Check with your local health inspection authority for specific compliance requirements. Compliance is the responsibility of the operator of the premises to meet the requirements of the standard; each State and Territory in Australia and New Zealand as a whole have their own inspection and compliance requirements.