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Designed for educational facilities, the EDUCO is a new high performance, exceptionally low-UGR luminaire.

Local manufacture
Eagle Lighting
  • General Information

    Product Design Registration: 202111143


    Designed for educational facilities, the EDUCO is a new high-performance, exceptionally low-UGR(*) luminaire specifically engineered using the latest LED technology and with ease of installation in mind.

    Designed, tested and manufactured in Australia, the EDUCO is designed to achieve WELL and Greenstar certifications, along with obtaining a high NABERS rating.

    Further adding to its sustainability credentials, we have embraced circular economy principles to develop a sustainable product that supports the cradle-to-cradle (as opposed to the cradle-tograve) economy. By being able to easily upgrade EDUCO and reuse/recycle its consumable parts, the luminaire is given more than one life cycle. This, therefore, reinserts the resources back into the economy with the least amount of energy expended, whilst minimising carbon emissions and waste to landfill.


    The EDUCO optics consists of a bi-divergent optical system where an inner convex lens combines with the outer concave microprismatic lens to provide best-in-class light dispersion control and minimise UGR (*).


    Standard non-dim, DALI and OR (Organic Response SN3) options are readily available. Constant Light Output (CLO) is standard on DALI variants and OR models. Other options may be possible via customisation.

    The below controls options are available as standard; further customisation may be possible.

    Please speak to your customer service representative for more details.

    DALI/STD terminal block-244
    Emergency Maintained-800
    Organic Response (CLO)-954

    Future-ready design with easily upgradeable cassette, in line with circular economy principles, including regeneration of the asset, upgradeability to improved future technology, better management of operating and future capital expenditures. Rated IP44 (**).

    The ability to integrate Emergency functionality including 3rd party emergency devices.

    * A calculation of UGR is the result of how a luminaire interacts with the interior environment and the users of the space¸ not just a figure assigned to a luminaire based on a standard set of parameters. Depending on room geometry and surface reflectance’s EDUCO is capable of achieving UGR ≤16.

    ** IP44 (NON-ORT)/IP20 (ORT)

    Key Family Details

    • Optical System:
      Textured acrylic diffuser with secondary internal masking film
    • Mounting Type:
      Surface mounted
    • Colour Consistency Initial:
      3 SDCM
    • Finish Options:
      Standard white. Other finish options via customisation
    • System Warranty:
      5 years
    • CCT:
    • CRI (Ra):
    • R9:
    • COI Compliant:
      Yes (=<2.8)
    • Melanopic Ratio:
  • Technical Information

    Educo Dimensions v1 300421
    • EL-EDU-1000/ -1001
      L: 652mm; W: 215mm; H: 77mm; Weight: 2.9kg [Mounting set: X: 450mm; Y: 115mm]
    • EL-EDU-1002/ -1003/ -1004/ -1005
      L: 1212mm; W: 215mm; H: 77mm; Weight: 4.9kg [Mounting set: X: 1000mm; Y: 115mm]
    • EL-EDU-1006/ -1007/ -1008
      L: 1492mm; W: 215mm; H: 77mm; Weight: 5.9kg [Mounting set: X: 1250mm; Y: 115mm]
    Educo polar v1 220121
    Nominal Polar Curve

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