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VSBA - Victorian School Building Authority



Victoria, Australia








In 2020, the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) enlisted the expertise of Project Architects Architectus and Electrical Consultants Stantec, working on behalf of the Victorian Government, to redefine the blueprint for a new era in schools. A crucial aspect of this visionary project was the integration of advanced lighting and control systems, recognising their pivotal role in shaping the modern learning environment.

As education evolves towards a more dynamic, flexible, and technology-centric model, the design mandate was clear – deliver functionality, comply with building codes, and promote sustainable outcomes. Lighting Control Systems emerged as a linchpin, tasked with effectively managing lighting by harnessing natural daylight, implementing pre-set scenes, and ensuring energy efficiency when spaces were not in use.

This ambitious project spanned five school locations across the greater Melbourne metropolitan area. Each site comprised a complex arrangement of more than five buildings, housing Administration and Library Spaces, Learning Neighbourhoods, Classrooms, Breakout Areas, Quiet Reading Rooms, Teacher Stations, as well as specialised areas like early learning centres, gymnasiums, food technology, and science labs.

Eagle Lighting’s value proposition comprised integrated Organic Response Sensor nodes in a largely Plug & Play solution, with some simple optimisation of daylight dimming, application area specific lux levels and some local controllers.

The Organic Response solution stood out for its streamlined hardware, requiring only one unit of labour for installation and control. The Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) recognised the value in the Plug & Play aspects of this extensible solution. Additionally, the intuitive ORT App, allowing electricians, facility maintenance personnel, or school office managers to conduct simple and logical control settings or changes, further contributed to its appeal.

The scope included installation and configuration of
• 3,500+ Organic Response sensor nodes, integrated and remote,
• 200 EnOcean wall switches,
• 300 Eagle Lighting OmniPOD Linear,
• 295 Eagle Lighting Vertex,
• 1,500 Eagle Lighting Pleiad G4 Downlights,
• 5.5 km of Fagerhult Notor 65 Linear System,
• 400 Eagle Lighting Aureled.

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The deployment of Organic Response sensor nodes enabled a system that was able to everything other more complicated cabled DALI solutions could do. Luminaires with integrated OR wireless intelligent control, offered tangible and measurable value over other control solutions in the market. The ability to drill down to specific settings for some luminaries was an easy choice in meeting some individual visual needs.

Organic Response’s deployment simplicity and its user-friendly App not only empowered end users and maintenance staff but also eliminated the need for central processors or specialist technicians. This not only ensures quicker changes or repairs but also leads to substantial savings on maintenance, allowing resources to be redirected for the continual improvement of students and educators well into the future.
Delivered by Kane Construction and multiple electrical contractors, the project was successfully handed over in December 2022, marking a significant milestone in the modernization of educational spaces.

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