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  • Notor65 Opal dir white CAROUSEL
  • Notor65 Opal dir indir white SUS CAROUSEL
  • Notor65 Opal dir indir alu SUS CAROUSEL
  • Notor65 Opal dir alu CAROUSEL

Notor 65 Opal

Suspended or ceiling mounted. Single or continuous installation.

  • General Information

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    • Suspended or ceiling mounted.
    • Single or continuous installation.

    As the name implies, the cross-section is 65x65 mm and with this, we can achieve so much more.

    Choose between different light distributions with direct, direct/indirect, indirect light or asymmetric light. The luminaire is available with Beta Opti, Delta or Opal louvres.

    Like other members of the Notor concept, Notor 65 can be constructed as long continuous installations. For continuous installation, we have developed a solution for the joints between the louvres so the light opening is not disturbed by an interruption or light leakage. Using Notor 65 Control Track Unit, a unit for mounting spotlights, in a continuous installation allows additional accent lighting.

    All luminaires are available in module lengths 800, 1200 or 2400 mm in white or natural anodised aluminium.

    With its controlled light distribution, Notor 65 Asymmetrical is ideal for lighting whiteboards.

    The luminaire creates a high light comfort with a soft gradient between illuminated and unlit surfaces.

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