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Volvo Cars Australia specified Eagle Lighting to supply the interior lighting solution for this flagship automotive showroom in inner Melbourne.


Volvo espouses that "visiting a Volvo dealership should always feel like coming home no matter what country in the world that you are in".

To achieve this from a lighting perspective, we use a nuanced combination of warmer and cooler colour temperatures to evoke feelings of calmness and minimalism. In addition, the natural timber elements are accentuated by using soft, warm colour temperature lighting, which brings out the depth of the natural material.

To enhance the cars in the showroom, we used an overhead array of track-mounted spotlights in a crisper colour temperature with a high contrast ratio; this lighting solution ensures that the vehicles are well-illuminated and establishes them as the heroes of the space.

High-quality CRI90 point-source lighting was used to bring out the depths and detail in the vehicle to illicit feelings of aspiration and appreciation of quality. The overhead light track forming geometric rectangles above the vehicles.

The selection of Fagerhult products and lighting design both complimented the Volvo brand and enhanced the visual experience of the showroom.

[Case study continued below 'product selection']


Working together with Volvo and the architects, Eagle Lighting recommended the use of a combination of the following products to deliver this solution:

Pleiad Downlights –Situated between timber ceiling fins are Pleiad 125 downlights in a warm 3000k colour temperature and black reflectors which provided an earthy, luxurious feel to the space.

Named after the shining cluster of stars from the constellation Taurus, Pleiad is Fagerhult's most well-known downlight family. Inherently, LED lighting is a sustainable choice; however, as these luminaires are manufactured in Melbourne, the sustainability story and carbon footprint impact associated with the product go to a new level!

ELLE pendants - suspended over the front reception desk, the sleek and modern ELLE linear pendant delivers technically excellent lighting exactly where it's needed without creating any uncomfortable glare for customers or staff.

Perfectly symmetrical in a 65mm square, the skilfully crafted linear ELLE pendant provides the clean lines and linear forms that are wildly popular within commercial interiors.

Crafted in Melbourne by Eagle Lighting, ELLE offers value for money and fast lead times.

Track and Spotlights – It's all about style with the Fagerhult Touch Family of spotlights, a system that fits smoothly into any retail, hospitality or workplace environment. The integrated driver provides a clean, minimalist and balanced feel ensuring that the ceiling will not be cluttered with external drivers aimed in different directions.


This aspect is where the compelling Eagle Lighting and Fagerhult collaboration combines to offer the Australian and New Zealand lighting markets something unique – the very best of Scandinavian minimalism, class and quality lighting but made locally.

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