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E-Sense Move

e-Sense Move comprising Microwave Sensor Technology is an additional layer of  SMART-Automatic control that affords greater levels of customisation both during manufacturing and or post installation Latent Adjustments, Dimming, Grouping and Occupancy Rules via a Remote Control.



·         illuminance linked to the presence or absence with varying pre-sets

·         Integrated Microwave Sensors discretely within the Luminaire

·         Simple ON when = Occupancy Movement Detected @ 100%

·         No Movement / Occupancy = Light drops to 10% Absence Level and Holds

·          Or with No Movement and never OFF

·         A easy selection of % levels for ON, Absence and Or Off

·         Logical Assignment, Grouping and or Master-Slave of Luminaires using Wireless RF communications


Application Use Cases:

Where Applications-Occupancy Rules and or the Built environment can’t be exactly defined at the design stage. An element of future-proof-provisions to change functional operation. The use of specific IR Remote to afford latent changes-configurations post installation. Changes that do not involve access to wiring or controllers inside the luminaires.

·         Main and or BOH Corridors

·         Stairwells, Foyers, Landings

·         Toilets, Store-Utility-Server Rooms

·         Non-Task Specific Areas High or Low Transit areas

·         Project cost effective Light&Control in-one

·         No need to install separate Wall Switch or Sensors


*NB: Despite the capabilities of customisation and level trimming please note that Microwave’s Technology can pass through most materials ( Except Steel) and as such may result in undesirable control outcomes. E.g lights are ON as being triggered in zones away from the occupancy event.


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