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Ghost for cast concrete

Ghost for cast concrete is a luminous void created through a specific recessed housing fixed to the shutters before casting.

  • General Information

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    Ghost for cast concrete is a luminous void created through a specific recessed housing fixed to the shutters before casting. The LED engine is only installed when the concrete surrounding the housing is completely dry, filling the void with light.

    “The light blade comes from the concrete. When it’s off, it disappears. No artifice, just a void in the concrete with brutal and magic inspiration: actually a technical prodigy, directly cast into the concrete, the product of a sophisticated and invisible genius to fuse architecture and light in a natural way.” - M. Sadler

    N.B. Simes products are available via Eagle Lighting in Australia only

    This luminaire is manufactured on-site during the concrete casting of the wall with handcrafted procedures; therefore, small imperfections caused by the low accurance of the casting, subsidence of the concrete surface, actual and future cracks, colour ripples and variations over time, will be deliberately present and they are a feature of the concrete, proving the hand-made manufacturing procedure.

    All Ghost Linear versions may be connected to obtain continuous linear cavities. To fix the appropriate number of articles to achieve the length desired it is recommended to start with multiples of the longest versions and subsequently with the shorter ones as end pieces.

    Taking the four standard sizes available in the catalogue any situation can be solved with a maximum run-out of 22 cm. The run-out may be divided at the beginning and at the end of the wall as a free space between the final part of the wall and the luminous cavity ( take into consideration at least 5 cm as a free space).

    To facilitate the operation use a drilling template available as an accessory for every Ghost Linear version. For each version used one only a drilling template is required.

    Consult a Structural Engineering company to have an appropriate framework and thickness of the wall calculated. Please keep in mind that the Ghost Linear in Continuous Line represents a linear continuous cavity of 9 cm deep.

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