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Designed for educational facilities, Educo Vitality creates a comfortable environment for teaching and learning thanks to its very low Unified Glare Rating (UGR) rating.

In the spirit of 'better lighting for people and planet', circularity was the next logical step in our sustainability journey.

“We’ve built our business on great products and service. So, it made sense to make improving our products a core part of our sustainability work.”

Companies know they must accelerate their transition to sustainable practice in order to prosper in the marketplace under a social license driven by Shareholder demand and community expectation. This awareness among the wider population – as well as international reality – is exerting increased pressure. One in four companies in the ASX Top 200 now has a net-zero target for carbon emissions.

As such, Eagle’s sustainability journey is our way of actively participating in being the solution to help our customers achieve their objectives.