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Behind the scenes with the lead Design Engineer of Circadia

At Eagle Lighting we recently introduced Circadia – a premium office luminaire designed for workplace wellness, productivity and sustainability. Here, product design and manufacturing lead discusses the inspiration behind our latest offering.

Aesthetics meets efficiency

“In addition to being an attractive luminaire from a design and aesthetic perspective, the new central optical chamber solution – with LEDs sited in large luminous openings – has allowed us to achieve far better luminance performance.

“Where many of the newer optic-style LED products on the market challenge designers to achieve the light levels required with traditional array spacings of up to three metres, we pushed ourselves to deliver superior luminance with high spacing efficiency.

“This luminaire far surpasses the performance required in all of the standards – not just here in Australia, but internationally.

Designers can be confident that they’re specifying a product that will help them to achieve custom Illuminance levels that truly match user requirements.”

Light well. Work well

“In today’s modern workplace, there’s an expectation of performance at the highest possible level.

“We know that when designed and implemented correctly, lighting has an important role to play in amplifying the performance of people and the places they occupy.

“We wanted a luminaire then that would benefit end users and enhance the spaces that it illuminates. Through the development process we worked hard to ensure Circadia would provide premium quality, low glare light.

“The quality of the light produced and its positive effect on people in a visual, biological and emotional manner inspired the luminaires name, ‘Circadia’– a reference to the superior circadian stimulus that the luminaire provides.

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CLO as standard

“Another exciting feature of Circadia is to offer CLO (Constant Light Output) technology as a standard feature.

“CLO has been available for a while, but we wanted to capitalise on its power for long-term performance. We wanted to make it part of the product’s DNA in a way that hasn’t been done before.

“CLO reduces overall energy consumption, the longevity of the luminaire and delivers a better quality of light over time.”

You’re in control

“By offering tuneable white versions (DUO1 & DUO2) we wanted to give end-users as much control and flexibility as possible in the way they light their space.

“With DUO1 the central optical chambers and diffuse perimeter component can be tuned in sync from 2700-6500K, while with DUO2 both light sources can be tuned independent of each other.

“I feel that the option of DUO1 and DUO2 make the Circadia a multi-purpose luminaire, which can be used to change the way a space feels while ensuring exceptional task lighting.

“With wellness, control and sustainability at its core, it’s a luminaire that speaks to what people expect from the modern office.”

“From the outset, we wanted to create something uniquely attuned to both people and place. A luminaire that would deliver quality and performance for designers and building owners, but above all, the occupants of the space.

“The modern workplace has evolved, and we applied this philosophy to Circadia’s design to deliver a new aesthetic with the best light quality and the greatest degree of control for the user.”

Sustainable production

“In developing Circadia we also took the opportunity to evolve the way we manufacture while reducing waste even further.

“We wanted the end-user to see the craftsmanship of this luminaire, even down to how the product physically feels.

“The 5S lean manufacturing methodology we use at Eagle Lighting means we are always looking for greater efficiency. We thought about how we could utilise our laser cutter and Salvagnini equipment differently to reduce the number of manufacturing processes we undertake while continuing to achieve optimum precision, quality and speed.

“The result is a much more efficient production flow which reduces lead times for clients and minimises our energy consumption.

“As simple but effective as possible is our manufacturing motto!"

Local manufacturing

Collaborate to create

“As with the development of any new product, it’s really all about collaboration. That’s when ideas really come alive. I love taking a brief, developing an idea and then working with my colleagues to bring it to life.

“With Circadia we’ve pushed ourselves to produce a luminaire that ticks all the boxes for the modern office.

“It’s a luminaire that would be a feature of any space in which it was placed; a luminaire where aesthetics, performance and sustainability meet.

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