Encompassing a range of new technology and innovative design features, the Aureled is an outstanding LED solution that delivers an impressive system efficacy.

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Encompassing a range of new technology and innovative design features, Aureled is an outstanding solution that delivers an impressive system efficacy whilst maintaining excellent glare control for office environments.

The Glare Reducing Delta Diffuser and masking agent eliminate distracting LED micro points and controls the light in the 65˚ plane to within 3000cd/m2. Controlling glare with these intense light sources is becoming more and more critical in our objective to better harmonize light with human activity.

Designed and constructed with a shallow profile the Aureled will slide into confined spaces. This luminaire is the perfect solution for locations where other services are likely to be fouled.

Aureled takes LED technology and turns it into a truly viable solution for full general lighting, capable of replacing luminaires using older T5 technology.

» Organic Response Enabled integral
» Surface/plaster
» Seismic restraint
» Tunable White (DALI Type 8)

Technical Information
Installation Guide 0.5MB Datasheet 1.5MB
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  Wattage Size Sys. lm Lum. lm lm/W Code
Exposed T-Bar | 4000k | CRI90+
12 600 x 300 1627 1052 84 EL-AUR-2119-
15 600 X 300 2015 1308 86 EL-AUR-2120-
23 600 X 600 3194 2349 101 EL-AUR-2121-
35 600 X 600 4850 3436 100 EL-AUR-2122-
45 600 X 600 5974 4366 97 EL-AUR-2123-
23 1200 X 300 3127 2357 103 EL-AUR-2124-
28 1200 X 300 3930 2940 103 EL-AUR-2125-
  Variation Suffix
Standard -000
DSI/STD terminal block -100
DALI/STD terminal block -200
Tunable White (DALI Type 8) -220
Maintained emergency -800
DALI monitored emergency -801
Organic Response (SN3) -950
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