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Ritchies IGA Fine Food Rowville VIC

Ritchies IGA Fine Food Supermarket - Rowville, VIC



Ritchies IGA Fine Food Supermarket



Rowville, VIC, Australia



Fresh produce and delicatessen areas



Completed 2019

"There are many elements to retail lighting that you just won’t know until you see it done correctly, especially lighting design, equipment choice and specification.

Retailers will only get one shot to get this right for many years to come due to the lifespan of LED’s. Make it count."

Anthony Browning
Product Application Manager

The Ritchies IGA Fine Food Supermarket in Rowville Melbourne was recently refurbished and launched to rave reviews.

The upgraded fresh produce and delicatessen areas within the supermarket underwent a remarkable transformation with a design concept aligned to a sophisticated European fine food market hall.

The interior fit-out lighting concept featured a considered combination of recessed, overhead track mounted retail specific spotlights and pendant feature lighting which assisted in conveying the theme of the experience.

Using the right equipment for the job

Anthony Browning, Product Application Manager at Eagle Lighting, explains that the range of lighting products that were used here are “not just any old lights”. The spotlights selected have been designed and manufactured by Fagerhult Sweden specifically for retail fit-outs.

Anthony explains the lighting concept:

“We’ve used spotlights here that have significantly deeper set LED modules than traditional downlights, multiple beam distribution options and a 360-degree rotation. This combination offers the must-have flexibility required to get the results that we do.

For example, it’s vitally important for shoppers and staff to be able to walk through the store without seeing any harsh visible light points – when this is done correctly this translates to a visually comfortable experience. We put the light exactly where it needs to be and stop the stray light from creating glare. This is due to using retail-specific spotlights.

Another way of putting it is – glare is the enemy and we want to avoid it at all times.”

Bringing product to life

All luminaries are not created equal…. This is a key element to understand for successful retail lighting. As Anthony goes on to explain:

“Using LED technology to produce artificial light in a retail space requires special attention to the detailed specification of the lighting equipment.

We hear stories from retailers that have used LED lights in a store upgrade. And while the store appears bright, the colours of the products are quite dull, especially the reds and bolder colours but even the whites, this leads to disappointing results and they’re stuck with it for many years. Big mistake.

This is because when a LED light source is deficient in a particular wavelength and that colour does not arrive at a surface, the reflected colour will not represent its true characteristics when compared to full-spectrum radiation.

This is referred to as poor colour rendering and it’s extremely common in LED resulting in disappointment.

High colour rendering accuracy (CRI) is obviously an aspect that we deliberately target to great benefit and we deliver this as a standard"

"The results at Rowville have been noticeably enhanced by using the Fagerhult Touch spotlight which contains high rendering (CRI 92) light sources, making the whites render whiter and deep colours visually “pop”.

Items throughout the Deli section at Rowville containing bold colours absolutely came to life when lit with our high quality full spectrum lighting.

Food appears fresher and more appealing, big tick!”

The interior and exterior lighting concept design features a combination of lighting solutions from Fagerhult, Eagle Lighting Australia and Simes.

    Create a customer experience

    “We know that the human eye is naturally directed towards areas of brightness.

    We use a combination of lighting types so that we can create layers of light to achieve high contrasts and visual interest.

    Instead of lighting the whole shopping area up with bold bright white light, we use carefully considered combinations of light with subtle differences in colour and intensity.

    In this case we obviously want the focus to be on the product and produce however the skill is to do this without creating glare. This creates an ambience and atmosphere that is appealing to buyers.”

    Art or science or both?!

    Retail lighting is a finely tuned blend of art, science, technology and to an extent psychology.

    This type of lighting installation translates to produce looking irresistible and the store looking vibrant and interesting.

    The overall customer experience is enhanced and we progress toward turning shoppers into buyers to generate an uplift in sales revenue for the retailer.

    A carefully considered lighting solution using professional equipment specifically for retail applications pays off.

    As Anthony puts it:

    “In this era of retail, 'good enough' lighting isn’t good enough anymore. You can’t afford not to get this right.”

    Anthony concludes:

    "There are many elements to retail lighting that you just won’t know until you see it done correctly, especially lighting design, equipment choice and specification.

    Retailers will only get one shot to get this right for many years to come due to the lifespan of LED’s. Make it count."

    Luminaires supplied

    Many thanks to all of the project stakeholder groups, Ritchies IGA, The Retail Group, M+G Electrical and Communications and Circon Constructions for supporting the Eagle Lighting Australia and Fagerhult supplier partnership.