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Prahran High School Vic ALT

Prahran High School, VIC



Interior and exterior luminaires



Prahran, VIC, Australia






Completed 2019

Victoria now has a trio of sky-high public schools with Prahran High School being the third vertical college opening in 2019.

Squeezed onto the land which previously housed Swinburne University Windsor, the new four-storey school has a library and performing arts area on the ground floor, along with science, visual arts and food technology areas, a gym on levels one to three and a rooftop garden on level four.

The VSBA (Victorian School Building Authority), Project Architects Gray Puksand and Electrical Consultants Wood and Grieve Engineers (now part of Stantec) have successfully maximised the space available through careful planning and design.

Ground floor

Walking through the front doors to the reception desk, you are immediately greeted by an impressive run of Fagerhult Notor 65 linear extrusion.

The reception leads through to a large open circulation area, where natural daylight emits from the fourth story skylights.

The majority of the ground floor has Notor continuous extrusion installed in the coved perimeter, which is used to highlight and subtly define the multi-use floor space.

Levels 1-3

These levels include a range of learning spaces and classrooms, where the trend of Notor continues, along with the recessed Vertex and Pleiad G3 Downlight range in the amenities.

During the design process we were asked to ensure we meet the lux levels recommended in AS1680, particularly in lab rooms where more delicate/physical tasks are performed.

Our highly efficient luminaires ensured a high standard of efficacy, lumen life longevity and a minimum of CRI80+.

The Simes’ Lobby downlight is also featured on all balconies, including the Level 3 exterior breakout space. The Lobby downlight ensures full protection against moisture, coupled with a durable IK10 rating.

The interior and exterior lighting concept design features a combination of lighting solutions from Fagerhult, Eagle Lighting Australia and Simes.

    The Gymnasium

    The key criteria for the gymnasium lighting design was to comply with training/recreational lighting from AS2560.2.2-1986 (300 lux average and 50% uniformity).

    Excis LED were installed 7 metres high, along with Densus emergency battens.

    The Excis luminaire provides an impressive uniform amount of light for students to undertake sporting or recreation activities.

    The product family of Excis boasts a range of wattages, lumen outputs and beam distributions (wide, medium and asymmetric) which made it easy to comply with the lighting standard when considering ceiling obstructions, such as skylights and the air ventilation system.

    Luminaires supplied included

    From an Eagle Lighting Australia point of view, Prahan High School is another project to be proud of and a fantastic outcome for all parties involved.