The Florence+ overbed luminaire is an expansion of the comprehensive Florence Elite family of hospital and medical application lighting products.

The Florence+  delivers COI compliance from a combination of upward and downward CRI90+ lighting modules housed in an sleek low profile design.

The single piece injection moulded outer casing ensures that Florence+ is easy to wipe down and sterilise to reduce exposure to infections.

The LED light sources in Florence+ are independently controllable and dimmable to achieve the variable light levels required for the relevant task or activity that takes place in a medical suite. Light level settings can be preprogramed and can be controlled by both patients and staff. The powerful combination of upward, forward and downward light can deliver full examination light level of up to 1000 lux on the bed. This negates the need for supplementary examination lighting. 

A simple bedside control interface allows the patient to choose between pre-programmed scenes for daytime, night time and reading. The ability to adjust the lighting levels dependant on need promotes wellbeing and accelerates healing. These pre-programmed scenes can be easily overridden by nursing staff to provide the correct levels of illumination for general nursing care, examination and patient observation.


Key features:

- Concealed indirect illumination

- Tunable white control

- Effective task lighting

- Wipe clean minimal horizontal surface

- Optimised design

- Raising expectations in ward lighting

- Energy efficient

- Infection control


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