Simes awarded with IF Product Design Award in the Lighting category

Published 26 May 2015

Simes has more than one product that has won the iF award. We have shown you the KEEN and here are the other three. MOVIT, SHAPE and COOL SQUARE. Simple, attractive, highly functional and commercially successful – now also hold this important recognition in the design world.

With over 60 years in the business, iF has gained a reputable position in the international award spectrum and provides a fundamental contribution to the success of design services and to the creation of public awareness of design.

This year a 53 member-strong jury comprised of international experts chose four SIMES products as winners of the iF awards 2015 within the discipline of product design.


4 - movitMOVIT is a new concept for an outdoor light fitting. The customized reflector for a led luminaire is a total new way of conceiving and engineering. A versatile and functional product designed to emit direct or indirect light.

It can be installed on the ground or on the wall, on a stake or with an arm: in all these cases, the product is elegant in its proportions and with a reduced visual impact compared to traditional projectors.

Movit is also available with a symmetric or asymmetric reflector, covering a wide range of applications and gives to all designers a high flexibility of use. Available in two shapes, square and rectangular, both with aluminium grey or white finishing and warm white 3000K LED.

You can find more information on the Simes Movit here



3 - shapeShape creates uniform light to the outer edge of windows producing charming lighting effects on residential, public, historical and artistic façades.

Miniaturization, versatility and high performances are the obvious characteristics of this product.

The light fitting uses only 1 LED and its position can be easily adjusted according to the different slopes of windowsills, creating attractive lighting scenes. SHAPE won the prestigious Red Dot Award 2014 thanks to its high quality design. This testifies the profitable work of research and development which has realized this innovative lighting product. Now it has also won the iF awards, it’s a design that has been recognised by the design world.

You can find more information on the Simes Shape here



2 - coolCOOL is an iconic game of solids and voids. The contemporary style combined with the latest LED technology maximises its power, whilst minimizing the size and energy consumption. The result is, as its name says, a very cool product; fashionable with architectural design and with no compromise on the visual comfort thanks to a customized LED circuit directed inwards towards the wall. Cool is available in 3 versions: wall mounted and bollard 280 mm and 580 mm. Bollards are finished in aluminium grey, the wall mounted version is also available in white.

The shape’s geometry matches the most innovative technology to create this product with its ultra-modern style. COOL SQUARE derives from the Cool range, a play of solids and voids of light, and from this range the square version takes its high performances. Ideal for lighting effects, perfect for functional lights, the new applique and bollard versions are particularly suitable for residential and public places.

You can find more information on the Simes Cool range here