Project: Minter Ellison - Sydney, NSW

Published 07 December 2015

1 - UnnamedWorking with BVN Architectural to create a refreshed and unique refurbished workspace, ARUP called upon Eagle Lighting Australia. In the offices of Minter Ellison Lawyers Sydney office they chose 250 of the circular white Appareo LED fixture to achieve a modern edge.

The Appareo is a suspended luminaire which maximises the design flexibility offered by LED’s, without compromising on the requirements for efficiency and ergonomics. The light is distributed indirectly towards the ceiling and directly down towards the work surface, providing the ambient and task lighting levels demanded in contemporary office spaces.

With the direct/indirect LED Appareo that becomes transparent when turned off, the fitting was able to provide both functional lighting and the unique image that both the architect and lighting designer were looking for. Using this approach they were able to avoid the use of the standard base building light troffer and therefore exposed the ceilings and their quality materials and finishes.

Unlit the transparent acrylic screen is housed with a slender aluminium frame for the height of discretion. When lit, the LEDs positioned across the slide of the luminaire bring the screen to life, increasing the opacity and guides the light for an optimal visual experience. The result is a fresh, crisp light that is pleasing to the eye.

Minter Ellison is one of Australia’s largest international corporate law firms. The Sydney CBD office is located in Governor Macquarie Tower, Sydney. The tower is regarded as Sydney’s pre-eminent office building, built on the site of Australia’s first Government House. Being the third tallest building in the city, it is among the most visually dominating buildings in the Sydney CBD skyline.

Along with various specially designed architectural lighting products installed, the Fagerhult Appareo was chosen to provide the focal point in the main office area. Each work station then had its own controllable luminaire situated above it.

The Appareo luminaire is available in both circular and rectangular forms.


Project Managed by:
Steve Firth, Account Manger, ELA NSW