Project: Lake Burley Griffin - Canberra, ACT

Published 22 February 2016

3 - BannerELA was approached by Eco-wise Services to help solve a problem that arose along R G Menzies Walk, Canberra. Eco-wise Services working with the National Capital Authority required a lighting upgrade along R G Menzies Walk, the path around Lake Burleigh Griffin in Canberra. The upgrade was required due to ongoing water ingress, earth leakage issues and upward glare problems

After researching the best product for the identified issue, ELA put forward the Simes Suit as an option, specifically the top section of the Suit model. This was to replace the upper section of the existing fitting which sat above ground. One roadblock we faced was that the Simes Suit luminaire is a round fitting and the installed fittings were square.

The National Capital Authority (NCA), a division of the Australian Government liked the concept of installing the Suit, however confirmed it would be required in a square. ELA worked closely with Simes to produce a variation of this model to meet the requirements of this particular project. Within a two week period, ELA were able to utilise a 3D drawing and printed sample to present to the NCA. The sample was approved and ELA commenced meeting all requirements for this project with Eco-Wise.

A total of 355 Simes Suit fittings were installed with final completion taking place in April 2016. The Suit houses a special square single lens, is surface mounted and has a walk over/drive over ability. The die-cast aluminium housing has a high corrosion resistance. It also features double powdered paint in a 3 step process-including polyester powder paint with high resistance against UV rays and harsh weather conditions.  

The R G Menzies Walk was named in acknowledgement of Sir Robert Menzies' who made a profound contribution to the development of Australia’s Capital Territory, Canberra. The Walk stretches from the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge to Kings Avenue, along the northern shore of Lake Burley Griffin. The development serves as a 4.5m wide walkway, two kilometres in length and is regularly frequented by locals and tourists for recreational activities.