Next Generation Densus LED

Published 01 October 2015

The unique difference about the Nxt Gen Densus LED is the combination of both the emergency and sensor becoming an integral part to the body of the luminaire.
The Densus LED is a weatherproof, vandal resistant and dust proof IP65 rated LED luminaire, suitable for most commercial and industrial applications.
It is particularly suited for underground carparks, where the wide beam distribution ensures excellent uniformity and maximum illuminance levels on mounting centres. 

The upgradeable and interchangeable LED boards used within the Densus LED are simple to replace. The luminaire can be easily accessed to house the latest LED technology, therefore achieving a reduced life-cycle cost.

Our locally designed and manufactured product provides plenty of versatility for applications requiring a high IP and IK rating. A variety of different lumen packages, dimming options, integral motion and daylight sensing are available.

Key projects around Australia where the Next Generation Densus LED has been installed include:

4 - NEW

Additional benefits of the Densus LED include:

  • Locally designed and manufactured
  • Five year system guarantee
  • Low and high output versions
  • Lifetime L80B50 100.000h
  • Energy savings of 33%
  • Emergency (Non monitored and Dali monitored options)
  • 5200 lumen emergency allow for maximum spacing under emergency conditions

For more information regarding the Next Generation Densus LED click here.