New Cleanroom LED IP44 CRI 90+

Published 04 August 2015

Using Best Available Technology (BAT)
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Basing our product design around best available technology, we have developed the market-leading solution for cleanroom environments.  Available in CRI 90+ and Cyanosis as standard, the new CR44L solution has an improved efficacy of 37% compared to the previous generation of Cleanroom LED product, delivering an outstanding 96lm/w.

Testing  & Performance

The entire range has been photometrically, spectrally and thermally tested in our laboratory in Melbourne and then tested and verified by a NATA approved laboratory.Tested to AS/NZS60598.1:2013, the new CR44L runs extremely cool (approximately 50% cooler than what these components are rated for). This ensures a thermally stable luminaire and a dramatically reduced lumen depreciation along with excellent colour stability.All of the above results in us being able to deliver a luminaire with a performance of L90/B10/100,000hrs.

Higher Colour Rendition

3 - graphThe CR44L is available in CRI 90+ as standard. This ensures excellent colour rendition, particularly in environments where correct colour is critical eg. Laboratories, hospitals and medical centres.

Cyanosis Observation Index (COI)

Clinical observation is an important part of medical diagnosis, along with the early detection of cyanosis. Cyanosis is the bluish discoloration in the skin and mucous membranes that indicate oxygen levels in the blood are dangerously depleted.

The standard defines Cyanosis Observation Index with an open ended numerical scale which ranks an artificial light source for the purpose of visual observation, a key fundamental to medical practitioners. This scale or COI cannot be greater than 3.3. The CR44L has a rating of 2.2 making it optimal for detecting changes in skin tones, meeting the Australian and New Zealand standards AS/NZS1680.2.5. Although this is an old standard, our BAT in LED now ensures we can move away from the use of T8 fluorescent products.

One product, two solutions

4 - 4000-6000luxBy using Best Available Technology, we have been able to deliver two solutions in one luminaire.

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