LED board upgrades

Published 19 February 2019

Between February and June we rolled out upgrades to the LED boards for our extensive range of luminaires.
As part of this upgrade Eagle Lighting Australia have made the decision to make CRI90+ standard  for office luminaires in order to ensure that our luminaires provide the best possible light quality to our customers, whilst also ensuring that BCA 2019 Part J6 is complied with.
The increased efficacy that this upgrade provides will result in required lighting levels being met for less energy, providing savings for end users. The lower current levels required by the new boards deliver improved performance without sacrificing efficacy, whilst also providing extended life and better colour stability.

Look out for the "Next Gen" labels on thumbnails under 'Products'.

We have taken the opportunity as part of this generational upgrade to start the process of updating the layout and information provided in our product datasheets. We have done this in order to be able to provide more technical detail, as well as making it quicker and easier to find the information you require.
Our new datasheets will now also include each product’s official TM30-18 report, in line with the updated standard.

The new datasheets will be rolled out as we progress through the year.


1 - new datasheet