Introducing: Antimicrobial powder coatings

Published 09 April 2020

We are excited to announce that as of 14th April 2020 our complete cleanroom ranges (listed below) will come with powder coatings that protect against microbial growth, as standard.


By incorporating silver ion antimicrobial technology, our cleanroom luminaires will now be even easier to keep hygienically clean.




While cleaning will help prevent microbial growth on products, the new powder coatings applied to our cleanroom luminaires provide an additional defence against microbial growth.


With the antimicrobial coating, a concentration of silver ions is available on the surface of the luminaire to act against target microorganisms. 


In the presence of environmental moisture, silver ions in the coating penetrate microbes contaminating the surface of a treated product, disrupting their growth and reproduction. This leads to a reduction in the number of microorganisms on the surface of the coating, thus providing 24-hour protection, seven days a week. 




The benefits of our new powder coating include:


- Providing antimicrobial performance for the lifetime of the product
- Demonstrable ability to reduce bacteria by more than 99.9%
- The ability to inhibit the growth of moulds and yeasts.
- Meeting the highest antimicrobial standards.

The products now offering this new powder coating as standard are:

- Cleanroom IP44
- Cleanroom IP65
- Secureroom IP65
- LED Operating Theatre Light
- Aureled Vista

If you would like more details about our new antimicrobial powder coat then please contact your ELA representative or contact us.