Introducing our new customisation symbol

Published 15 June 2017

For over 40 years ELA has built its reputation on being Australia’s leading project lighting solutions provider.

50% of our annual turnover is  a result of market driven requests for Non-Standard Products (NSPR’s). On average, 900 NSPR’s are processed each year of varying technical difficulty.

These Non-Standard Product Request’s encompass modifications such as size modifications, adjustments to luminous outputs, incorporating Return Air and Supply Air Handling, supplying custom colors, incorporating lighting sensors and control systems and integrating emergency lighting components. This is all offered in a responsive and concise manner thanks to our in-house Engineering Team and world-class manufacturing plant in Tullamarine, both of which allow us to be accurate and responsive.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and supplying customised lighting solutions, and monitoring these requested customisations enables us to stay up to date with market trends and enables us to ensure we remain Australia’s leading customised project lighting solution provider.

With all of this in mind, and for ease of reference, we have added a wand symbol to the product pages of our website to indicate which products can be customised.

2 - wand Wherever you see this wand symbol you can be assured that the luiminaire can be customised to each and every project you work on.

Contact your ELA representative today to discuss how we can help customise our luminaires to meet the specific requirements of your project/s.

1 - Customisation