Constant Light Output (CLO)

Published 17 June 2020

“Good for the environment and your finances.”

Constant light output or CLO for short is a technology that has been available for some time.

For today’s LEDs the light depreciation is linear across the LED life.

With CLO functionality enabled the luminiare itself compensates for this depreciation using a programmable driver.

CLO luminaires contribute towards better optimised and sustainable facilities. This optimisation is made possible by reducing initial over illumination. Less over illumination results in less installed output and in some cases even requires fewer luminaires. Ultimately saving energy, a benefit for both the environment and your finances.

Pre-programmed at the time of manufacture, this set and forget feature seamlessly reduces overall energy consumption delivering superior sustainability performance while increasing the longevity of the luminaire.

The consistent light output over life delivers a better quality illumination outcome.


CLO L100 72,000Hrs

•      Consistant light level for duration of lifetime.

•      No over illumination

•      Lower operating costs.

•      Decreases environmental impact


Our new premium recessed luminaire, Circadia, is our first product to provide CLO as standard.

You can find a short video of Ian Johnson (Product Application Manager) discussing CLO and Circadia here:

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