Concealed Air Luminaires

Published 06 October 2020

Alongside our Return Air solution, did you know that the Enviro Evoline and Indigo Maestro are available as Concealed Air?

The air-return passage in the Concealed Air variants is completely invisible due to the unique design and deliver exceptional performance in terms of both airflow and acoustic performance, as demonstrated by NATA accredited laboratory test results (available on request).

Our Concealed Air versions are:

- Designed to offer the benefits of Return Air without impacting the performance or aesthetics of the luminaires
- Designed to be cost neutral in comparison to conventional Slotted Return Air versions
- Tested for Airflow and Acoustic Performance by NATA accredited laboratory
- A unique and innovative solution to a common challenge, offering Return Air functionality to 300mm wide fittings without impacting the performance of the products.

Enviro Evoline Concealed Air -

As with the rest of the Enviro Evoline family, the Concealed Air variant has one of the best vertical illuminance performances within the ELA range of recessed luminaires.

Indigo Maestro Concealed Air -

A member of the Indigo Maestro family, the luminaire is designed with human-centric lighting, glare-control and high efficiency in mind.