Changes to BCA Part J6

Published 19 June 2019

The calendar has ticked past 1 May 2019 which means the new Building Code of Australia requirements have been introduced for 2019. Part J (Energy Efficiency provisions) of the Building Code have a 12 month transition introduction period.

To gain an insight into the changes to Part J6 Artificial Light and Power provisions Ian Johnson (Product and Application Manager - Lighting Solutions) has been conducting a national series of information presentations.

Of particular importance is the average watts per square meter allowances for lighting have been reduced by over 50%. to gain an understanding of what this means for lighting design application and compliance for future projects the presentation will cover;

Overview and changes of the new requirements:

    - Specification of efficient luminaires is necessary as the basis for a compliant design. (The recently upgraded Eagle Lighting Australia 'Next Gen' fittings are a fundamental element of compliance.)
    - The use of adjustment factors – Room Aspect Ratio, Controls and the new CRI 90+ factor is vital to achieve compliance. (The entire Eagle Lighting Australia product range has now transitioned to CRI 90+)
    - Good design practice and possibly sharing loads between zones is necessary to achieve compliance

If you would like additional information on the new BCA Part J6 contact your Account Manager to book a presentation. We look forward to sharing this information with you.