Zkye 55 Pendant

  • Ceiling cup
  • Ceiling cup
  • 3 Phase
  • 3 Phase
  • Track
  • Track
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A tasteful and discreet luminaire, Zkye is designed to complement your interior style most appealingly.

Zkye is available with three different reflectors allowing you to enhance the characteristics of any space.

Light is distributed comfortably without producing glare, providing a pleasant experience for occupants.

Thanks to its deep front, Zkye provides soft, clean light distribution making it the ideal solution for cafés, restaurants, lobbies and waiting areas.

For full product details visit: https://www.fagerhult.com/Products/zkye/zkye-55-pendant/

In ceiling cup: snap-in terminal block 5 x 2.5 mm².
On contact rail: adapter for 3-phase rail or Control Track (DALI).

Standard white (RAL 9016) or black (RAL 9005).

Light distribution
Wide light distribution.

DALI, Casambi or Trailing Edge (rear edge control).

3-phase rail or Control Track (DALI).

The adapter locks mechanically to the rail with a knob. Phase 1, 2 or 3 can then be selected with the phase selector knob.

Driver integrated in luminaire housing.


About the Zkye family

Create a modern and distinctive look with Zkye - Fagerhult’s new spotlight series.

Key features:

- Efficient track suspension design enabling easy adjustments to the room lighting, without impacting the ceiling or wall

- Available in stylish black or white

- Built-in DALI and versions controlled with Casambi

- Glare-free with soft, clean, light distribution

- Integrated driver in most versions

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