Touch Recessed

Touch is a stylish and timeless luminaire that will fit smoothly into any retail environment.

The Touch Midi Recessed Square is available in a variety of versions.

    - Choose between a fixed and flexed version depending on the need of the lighting. The flexed version can be tilted 60 degress and turned in 360. The luminiare is available in a single, double or triple version.

The Touch Mini Gimble is a small. compact and discreet recessed spotlight that offers flexibility.

    - You can turn and tilt the luminare housing in every direction without twisting the luminaire. The luminaire has a variety of versions to choose from (round single version or single, double or triple spotlights in a square design).

Touch is part of a complete family of both track mounted and recessed spotlights. This provides an advantage in shops with different ceiling types as the same family can be used throughout.

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