OmniPOD Linear 150mm - DUO2 (Black Pods)

The OmniPOD Linear is a new range of luminaires optimally positioned for a wide range of office applications.

- Can be used as an individual luminaire or installed end to end to create a continuous linear feel.

- Well suited for obtaining WELL and Greenstar certifications.

Designed with the advances in Circadian Research and the requirements of Human Centric Lighting in mind, the OmniPOD DUO2 offers independently controlled Tuneable White light source components (both Ra>=90 across the tuning range).

The creative freedom offered by LED technology has been fully embraced in the unique design of the OmniPOD Linear DUO2.

Black reflector pods with internal diffusers form the primary, task lighting component whilst an independent light source creates the diffuse peripheral component.

The Pods and the peripheral diffuse component are both Tuneable White, each  with its own independent control, resulting in utmost freedom in lighting design as well as giving the user the ability to personalise task lighting without affecting the overall lighting scene in the space.

A very wide selection of control and user interface options, based on DALI DT8 and/or CASAMBI wireless, is available.

Circadian Lighting
This tuneable white range helps providing the optimum light spectrum for any time of the day and for any type of task.

Regardless of the selected CCT value, the outstanding vertical illuminance of the luminaire helps achieving the circadian stimulus levels required for wellbeing.

Easy to install and an attractive option at 38mm thickness, the OmniPOD Linear is especially suitable where limited ceiling depth is a concern.

- Seismic restraint kit available.

Mounting Options
- Plaster recessed via recessing kit.
- Surface mounting via a slim surface mount kit specially designed for the OmniPOD range.

The optical data is valid for the versions with black pods and CCT of both components (Pods and the diffuse aperture) set at 4000K.

Design Parameters: LLF=0.80 (Nominal), Room Reflectances (C/W/F): 0.70/0.50/0.20, Ceiling height=2.7m, Eh @0.72m AFFL.

Product Design Registration: 202012495

Technical Information
Key Family Details
Optical System: Hybrid reflector pods and diffuser
Mounting Type: Exposed T-bar
Colour Consistency Initial: 3 SDCM
Finish Options: Textured white. Other finish options available
System Warranty: 5 years
CRI (Ra): Up to 95 (90+ across the tuning range)
CCT: 2700-6500K (Pods)| 2700-6500K (Diffuse comp.)
R9: Up to 71 (48+ across the tuning range)
COI Compliant: Only with both components in the 3500-4000K range
Melanopic Ratio 0.51 (2700K/2700K)| 0.79 (4000K/4000K)| 1.02 (6500
Marketing Brochure 3.2MB Installation Guide 0.4MB Datasheet 1.7MB
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  Wattage Nom. Size System lm lm lm/W Code
Exposed T-Bar | Hybrid reflector pods and diffuser | 4000K | CRI 90+ | 330 Lux Target Illuminance
22 600 x 150 2700 1159 52 EL-OMN-1162-260
22 600 x 150 2700 1159 52 EL-OMN-1162-265
42 1200 x 150 5300 2365 56 EL-OMN-1163-260
42 1200 x 150 5300 2365 56 EL-OMN-1163-265
  Variation Suffix
Tuneable White DUO2 (DALI Type 8) -265
Tuneable White DUO2 (Wireless - Casambi) -260
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