Next Generation with even lower glare, lower system power consumption and higher efficacy

  • LINJAR | 1200 x 300
  • LINJAR | 600 x 300
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With its high efficacy, low glare values and elegant look, the Linjar is ideal for offices and general lighting applications. The range is also COI (Cyanosis Observation Index) compliant and thus suitable for use in healthcare environments.

The electronic driver is mounted to the rear of the luminaire in an isolated thermal chamber. By separating the driver, the LEDs within the luminaire are kept at their lowest possible operating temperature. This ensures that the Linjar can offer the longest possible lifetime of its LED components.

The central prism section directs the light downwards whilst the flanking secondary streams push the light side-wards. The contrast between these sections creates a soft transition between the luminaire and the ceiling. This controls the light in the 65 degree plane to within 3000cd/m2, thus ensuring a visually comfortable workplace.

A wide range of control options are available including DALI, Tuneable White, integral Organic Response and various sensors.

Exposed T-bar as standard with other options being available.
- Air handling option available.
- Seismic restraint kit available.

DALI-monitored and non-monitored maintained emergency are standard options. Other options may be available via customisation.

Optional wipedown 1mm clear acrylic diffuser for easy cleaning.


Design Parameters: LLF=0.80 (Nominal), Room Reflectances (C/W/F): 0.70/0.50/0.20, Ceiling height=2.7m, Eh @0.72m AFFL.

Technical Information
Key Family Details
Optical System: Delta Diffuser
Mounting Type: Exposed T-bar
Colour Consistency Initial: 3 SDCM
Finish Options: Standard White
System Warranty: 5 years
CRI (Ra): 90+
CCT: 4000K
R9: 64+
COI Compliant: Yes
Melanopic Ratio 0.73
Installation Guide 0.5MB Datasheet 1.5MB
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  Wattage Size System lm lm lm/W Code
Exposed T-Bar | CCT:4000K | CRI 90+ | 320 Lux Target Illuminance
12 600X300 1550 1202 98 EL-LIN-1100-000
13 600X300 1700 1319 99 EL-LIN-1101-000
21 1200X300 3000 2393 115 EL-LIN-1122-000
24 1200X300 3400 2749 115 EL-LIN-1123-000
29 1500X300 4300 3329 114 EL-LIN-1130-000
33 1500X300 4750 3734 113 EL-LIN-1131-000
Seismic Restraint Kit- 4 x gripple, 2x2m wire EL-ACC-210-000
  Wattage Size System lm lm lm/W Code
Exposed T-Bar | CCT:4000K | CRI 90+ | 400 Lux Target Illuminance
25 1200X300 3650 2907 114 EL-LIN-1124-000
31 1200X300 4300 3502 113 EL-LIN-1125-000
35 1500X300 4600 3949 113 EL-LIN-1132-000
40 1500X300 5600 4443 112 EL-LIN-1133-000
Seismic Restraint Kit- 4 x gripple, 2x2m wire EL-ACC-210-000
  Variation Suffix
Standard -000
DALI/STD terminal block -200
Tunable White (DALI Type 8) -220
Maintained emergency -800
DALI monitored emergency -801
Organic Response (SN3) -950
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