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The Enviro Evoline has been designed to meet the demanding requirements for office lighting in Australia and New Zealand.

With its sleek, minimal and modern look it has one of the best vertical illuminance performances within the ELA family of recessed luminaires.

The extruded central diffuser offers good light control whilst the curved back reflector instinctively spreads indirect light into the secondary transitional reflector. This results in a high percentage of light on the ceiling and a harmonious working environment.

The molded end caps, which seamlessly join the diffuser to the body complete this locally designed, tested and manufactured luminaire.


» Tuneable White (DALI type 8)
» Plaster Recessed via Recessing Kit
» Surface Mount via Mounting Kit
» Air Handling available
» Seismic restraint kit
» Organic Response  
» CRI90+ 

Technical Information
Installation Guide 0.5MB Datasheet 1MB
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  Wattage Size Sys. lm Lum. lm lm/W Code
Enviro Evoline | Exposed T-Bar | 4000K
10 600X300 1400 1166 120 EL-EVO-1100-000
11 600X300 1700 1348 120 EL-EVO-1103-000
18 1200X300 2800 2401 133 EL-EVO-1101-000
22 1200X300 3400 2876 132 EL-EVO-1104-000
22 1500X300 3500 2991 136 EL-EVO-1102-000
27 1500X300 4200 3596 135 EL-EVO-1105-000
  Variation Suffix
Standard 000
DALI/STD terminal block 200
Tuneable White (DALI Type 8) 220
Organic Response 900
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