Xoolight IP40/IP67

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The latest lighting technology in a classic and elegant design form: XOOLIGHT™ is a linear LED design luminaire for general illumination.

It permits the use of four different, high-quality optics: diffuser optics for soft light and optics with opal IP67 encapsulation.

XOOLIGHT™ offers lighting design freedom and can be freely scaled as desired in length and configured with different optics.

From office workstation to the warehouse, in the corridor or museum, for diffused lighting or wall washing – due to great modularity it is suitable for a variety of applications. XOOLIGHT™ can be used as recessed, surface mounted or pendant luminaire and is available in silver or white profile.

Through a clear or opal polyurethane encapsulation it is IP67 protected against water, salt water, solvents and UV radiation.

With narrow end caps, almost infinite light lines without noticeable light gap are possible.


XOOLIGHT™ HYDRA WHITE IP40 - https://bit.ly/3iez9MF

XOOLIGHT™ IQ WHITE/RGBW/RGB IP40 - https://bit.ly/3l3qkqV

XOOLIGHT™ HYDRA WHITE IP67 - https://bit.ly/30ijB4z

XOOLIGHT™ IQ WHITE/RGB IP67 - https://bit.ly/3n68plk

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