Multifive LED

The latest generation of the successful Multifive LED is pushing the boundaries of lighting design.

  • Multifive LED 1200x300
  • Multifive LED G4 600x300
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The Multifive LED is a low glare, high efficacy, CRI90+ recessed fitting with COI compliance. The latest generation of this successful luminaire is the perfect choice for ensuring everyone working within the office environment enjoys the benefits of a comfortable and visually pleasing workspace.

The double parabolic Beta louvre provides unrivalled glare and luminance control to ensure optimal luminance. The louvre consists of double parabolic side and cross reflectors with excellent reflection characteristics. The reflectors distribute the light with precision in a classical batwing form and with exceptionally low glare.

Combination of a high performance diffuser and double parabolic Beta Louvre.

Non-dim and DALI as standard. Various control options readily available via customisation, including Organic Response and Tuneable White.

T-Bar as standard. Plaster Recessed and Surface Mounted kits available as standard options.
Seismic Restraint Kit available.

Maintained DALI and maintained non-monitored emergency options as standard. Other options may be available via customisation.

Asymmetric Wallwasher option is available.

Mounting Options
Plaster Recessed
Surface Mount
Seismic Restraint


Design Parameters: LLF=0.80 (Nominal), Room Reflectances (C/W/F): 0.70/0.50/0.20, Ceiling height=2.7m, Eh @0.72m AFFL.

Technical Information
Key Family Details
Optical System: Diffuser + Beta Louvre combination
Mounting Type: Exposed T-bar
Colour Consistency Initial: 3 SDCM
Finish Options: Standard white
System Warranty: 5 years
CRI (Ra): 90+
CCT: 4000K
R9: 60+
COI Compliant: Yes
Melanopic Ratio 0.72+
Installation Guide 0.5MB Datasheet 1.1MB
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  Wattage Size System lm lm lm/W Code
Exposed T-Bar | Diffuser | 4000K | CRI 90+ | 320 Lux Target Illuminance
11 600 x 300 1550 1103 98 EL-MLD-2106-
12 600 x 300 1650 1214 98 EL-MLD-2107-
21 1200 x 300 3050 2246 106 EL-MLD-2108-
23 1200 x 300 3350 2482 107 EL-MLD-2109-
26 1500 x 300 3850 2888 111 EL-MLD-2110-
29 1500 x 300 4150 3084 108 EL-MLD-2111-
Standard -000
DALI/STD terminal block -200
Tunable White (DALI Type 8) -220
Maintained Emergency -800
DALI Monitored Emergency -801
Organic Response SN3 -950
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