Indigo Maestro Concealed Air

An air-enabled premium luminaire for use in offices, education and in healthcare applications. This is a dual-light source LED luminaire delivering impressive efficacy values and optical performance that meets and exceeds BCA J6 requirements and is also suitable for WELL and Greenstar certifications.

The air slots, completely invisible due to the unique design, deliver an exceptional performance in terms of both airflow and noise figures as proven by accredited laboratory test results. A member of the Indigo Maestro Beta family, the luminaire is designed with human-centric lighting, glare-control and high efficiency in mind.

Low glare primary beam shaped by a Beta Louvre. The indirect secondary beam created by a concealed diffuser and optimally shaped by the secondary reflector.

Non-dim and DALI as standard. Various control options available via customisation including Organic Response and Tuneable White.

T-Bar as standard. Plaster Recessed and Surface Mounted kits available as standard options.
Seismic Restraint Kit available.

Maintained DALI and maintained non-monitored emergency options as standard. Other options may be available via customisation.


Design Parameters: LLF=0.80 (Nominal), Room Reflectances (C/W/F): 0.70/0.50/0.20, Ceiling height=2.7m, Eh @0.72m AFFL.

Technical Information
Key Family Details
Optical System: Beta Louvre for direct, diffuser for indirect.
Mounting Type: Exposed T-bar
Colour Consistency Initial: 3 SDCM
Finish Options: Standard White
System Warranty: 5 years
CRI (Ra): 90+
CCT: 4000K
R9: 50+
COI Compliant: Yes
Melanopic Ratio 0.70
Installation Guide 0.5MB Datasheet 1.6MB
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  Wattage Size Sys. lm Lum. lm lm/W Code
IMBC | 400 Lux Target Illuminance | Exposed T-Bar | 4000K
30 600 x 600 4100 2804 93 EL-IMBC-1853-
  Wattage Size Sys. lm Lum. lm lm/W Code
IMBC | 320 Lux Target Illuminance | Exposed T-Bar | 4000K
25 600 x 600 3500 2373 96 EL-IMBC-1852-
26 1200 x 300 3700 2364 91 EL-IMBC-1850-
31 1200 x 300 4400 2768 91 EL-IMBC-1851-
  Variation Suffix
Standard -000
DALI/STD terminal block -200
Tunable White (DALI Type 8) -220
Maintained Emergency -800
DALI monitored emergency -801
Organic Response (SN3) -950
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