LED Operating Theatre Light

  • LED Operating Theatre Light

Now with antimicrobial powder coating as standard


This range has been engineered specifically for hospitals, emergency and veterinarian operating theatres.

The LED Operating Theatre Light has been developed as a unique solution, meeting the requirements of specialist operating theatre installations where a fully sealed luminaire is needed to prevent contamination of the secure environment.

Glare Reducing Delta Diffuser coupled with Microstructured Control Film and an acrylic wipe-down layer on the outside.

The luminaire can be installed with separate switching/dimming depending on requirements.

Plaster Recessed ceiling installation. Installation needs to be done based on the selected layout (typically 3x3) and using the special Start, Intermediate, Corner and End models as required by the layout. The singular model must only be used for standalone installations.

Non-monitored and DALI-monitored Emergency options are available.

- Lengths are customisable on request.
- Antimicrobial powder coating as standard

Additional light sources including Green, Blue, Royal Blue, Red and Deep Red are also available to suit varied operating theatre requirements.

Technical Information
Key Family Details
Optical System: Delta Diffuser+M/structured Film+Acr Clear W/down
Mounting Type: Plaster Recessed
Colour Consistency Initial: 3 SDCM
Finish Options: Standard White. Other finishes via customisation
System Warranty: 5 years
CRI (Ra): 90+
CCT: 4000K
R9: 65+
COI Compliant: Yes (<=2.2)
Melanopic Ratio 0.72
Marketing Brochure 9.3MB Installation Guide 0.6MB Datasheet 1.6MB
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  Wattage Description Sys. lm Lum. lm lm/W Code
LED Operating Theatre Light | Plaster Recess | Bottom Access | CCT:4000K | 800+ lux Illuminance Target
40 Corner A 6000 4249 106 EL-OPSL-1110-
40 Corner B 6000 4249 106 EL-OPSL-1111-
40 Intermediate 6000 4249 106 EL-OPSL-1112-
40 Intermediate - through access 6000 4249 106 EL-OPSL-1113-
40 Start 6000 4249 106 EL-OPSL-1114-
40 End 6000 4249 106 EL-OPSL-1115-
40 Single 6000 4249 106 EL-OPSL-1116-
LED Operating Theatre Light | Plaster Recess | Bottom Access | CCT:4000K | 1000+ lux Illuminance Target
51 Corner A 7400 5256 104 EL-OPSL-1117
51 Corner B 7400 5256 104 EL-OPSL-1118
51 Intermediate 7400 5256 104 EL-OPSL-1119
51 Intermediate - through access 7400 5256 104 EL-OPSL-1120
51 Start 7400 5256 104 EL-OPSL-1121
51 End 7400 5256 104 EL-OPSL-1122
51 Single 7400 5256 104 EL-OPSL-1123
  Variation Suffix
Standard -000
DALI/STD terminal block -200
Maintained Emergency -800
DALI Emergency -801
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