Pleiad Robust G3

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Pleiad Robust G3 Design

Luminaire body in black cast aluminium. Two-part visible decor ring in aluminium. The luminaire has durable PETG plates in the light openings between the rings. The luminaire and the rings are locked using tamper-proof torx screws.

About the Pleiad G3 Family

Pleiad G3 is the third generation of Fagerhult's successful downlight range - now equipped with LED.

In common with its predecessors, the focus was placed upon perfect light treatment, quick installation and efficiency. In G3 these concept has been taken to the next level, including automatic installation!

The energy efficiency and long lifespan of LEDs come at the price of higher demands on the distribution and shielding as a result of the increased light intensity. To combat these issues G3 was developed using an innovative reflector technology which fully exploiting the efficiency of LEDs, without affecting the lighting ergonomics.

The family contains numerous options for different light distributions, complemented by an extensive range of practical and decorative accessories.

Speed and ease of installation has long been synonymous with the Pleaid range and G3 takes this one step further. The luminaire can be installed without any manual effort. The housing needs only be placed in the right position and then installed automatically with the help of gravity technology.

The rapid installation, combined with high efficiency and long life, ensures Pleiad G3 is an economical choice with a beneficial pay-off time.

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