Aerial LED

Suspended LED luminaire with hexaprism optic. Suitable for low or high bay applications.

The Aerial LED range is the universal solution for any large area lighting project. Whether in industrial applications, warehouses, sportsor retail, Aerial LED delivers low energy, high comfort lighting with minimal through life maintenance.

Aerial LED brings the latest diffuser technology usually seen only in high-end office solutions to area lighting. The unique hexaprism diffuser optic completely eliminates glare from every angle of view, adding a level of comfort and lighting quality never before seen in this type of application.

For sports halls, a special variant of Aerial LED has been created which combines all ofthe energy benefits of the standard luminaire with features specially developed for sports applications. A bespoke polycarbonate Hexaprism diffuser is employed to eliminate glare, even when viewed from directly below the luminaire. This is particularly important when sports such as badminton are played. The LED light engines are also completely flicker-free, making it easier to see fast moving objects at any height. The minimal maintenance factor of Aerial LED is particularly beneficial in sports applications, where fewer luminaires are typically used.


+ Alternative mounting kit available for surface, trunking, chain or drop rod mounting (supplied separately)

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