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3 - smart


E-Sense Smart Switch

e-Sense SMARTswitch comprising Microwave Sensor Technology affords a layer of  SMART-Automatic control that boasts corridor FUNCTION Functionality:


·         Enables the illuminance to be linked to the presence or absence of people-corridor FUNCTION

·         Integrated Microwave Sensors discretely within the Luminaire

·         Simple ON when = Occupancy Movement Detected @ 100%

·         Default 5 secs with a 30 second fade

·         No Movement / Occupancy = Light drops to 10% Absence Level and Holds.

·         Delay time, detection range and light value for the bright-out function can be set via 9 dip switches

·         Max. installation height 5 m

·         Variable detection area (100 – 10 %)


Application Use Cases:

Typically where activity/occupancy is transient and the application requires illuminance to be ON at reduced levels during Absence periods and or other Application-Occupancy Rules:

·         Main and or BOH Corridors

·         Stairwells

·         Toilets, Store-Utility-Server Rooms

·         Data - Logistics centres

·         For Non -Task Specific Areas

·         Low occupancy periodic use ( but not complete Dark )

·         Project cost effective Light&Control in-one

·         No need to install separate Wall Switch or Sensors



·        Not for use with phase cut dimmers
·        The sensor must protrude over the light sources
·        The power supply must be disconnected before installation
·        Suitable for installation only in indoor luminaires (e.g. corridors and closed
parking garage) without vibrations
·        Opening angle of the sensor: must be at least 45 %
·        Motion detection: only possible when thin housing material is used (e.g. plastic or
glass), do not use metal housing
·        Light sensor: must be able to detect reflected artificial light and reflected daylight
·        Reflected HF waves (e.g. of walls, floors, ceilings or furniture) from other
transmitters affect motion detection


Setting the switch-off delay

To prevent the lighting system being switched on and off unnecessarily you can set a switch-off delay. The delay starts after the last motion in the detection area. If a further motion is detected in the detection area during this delay then the delay is retriggered. At the end of the delay the light will be switched off or the corridorFUNCTION is started.

6 - delay


The corridorFUNCTION can be activated by applying a voltage of 230 V for 5 minutes at the switchDIM connection of the control gear or via corridorFUNCTION Plug.

Note: To apply a voltage of 230 V for 5 minutes at the switchDIM input of the control gear the sensor must detect motion for more than 5 minutes or a switch-off delay longer than 5 minutes must be set.

The corridorFUNCTION‘s predefined profiles offer a suitable solution in any area. Driver PREMIUM make it possible to program the corridorFUNCTION individually.

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