Simple connection, secure configuration.

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ready2mains uses the mains cable to transmit information: easily, reliably and professionally.

It allows for easy and cost-efficient refurbishment of existing luminaire installations with the latest dimmable LED technology. There's no need for any rewiring within the ceilings as the existing mains wiring is used for communication.

The ready2mains gateway transfers the commands from the control unit onto the mains wiring. The simplest control is a push-button. For maximum energy savings daylight and presence sensors can also be connected.

- Low-cost upgrade from non-dimmable installations to dimmable LED solutions

- Energy savings thanks to simple integration of sensors and push-buttons by using the one4all interface (DALI, DSI, switchDIM, corridorFUNCTION)

- No need for rewiring in the ceilings

- ready2mains gateways are to be ordered separately


Simple connection, secure configuration. 


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