Organic Response - Cloud Hosted IOT Solution

The Organic Response Portal is a simple yet powerful cloud-based data analytics and lighting control platform, which allows remote monitoring and control of lighting assets as well as visibility into occupancy data, enabling ongoing workplace efficiency improvements and savings. The Portal adds value to the management of a single tenancy, a multi-storey building, or a portfolio of properties across the commercial, healthcare and education sectors.

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In an Organic Response enabled workspace, the Sensor Nodes constantly collect, store and communicate data about occupancy, luminaire performance and energy consumption. 

This information is sent to the cloud-based platform – Organic Response Portal – via the ORT IoT Gateways that communicate over the Smart Wireless Mesh Network that is integral to each Sensor Node.

Through the Portal, users can remotely access this data from any location, using any internet enabled device. The simple and secure Portal interface allows users to analyse information, or configure light and sensor node settings remotely.

16 - New How it Works



Configure and deploy in quick time. Create new building profiles or new user profiles, customise user configurations, and upload the floor plan within minutes. Simplified node provisioning using the web-based interface and an infrared dongle that is compatible with any handheld or desktop device.


The Portal is cloud hosted, which allows your business to launch it across platforms – from laptops to Android and Apple devices – making your data more accessible and reliable. If the office network goes down, data are backed up to the cloud and still available on a tablet, for example.

The cloud’s ability to scale up or down means your company doesn’t have to hoard data or computing capacity for the rare instances where demand fluctuates.

5 - highly secure HIGHLY SECURE

Local network uses state-of-the-art encryption as defined by the upcoming BLE mesh standard. Connection to the cloud is through Amazon AWS IoT and is encrypted using TLS. All data is secure behind the AWS firewall.

Authentication and authorisation through LinkedIn, with support for fine-grained, role-based permissions. 



A central cloud-based platform means no barriers of space and location. You can set and view multiple buildings within your portfolio across the world and compare their performance and energy consumption trends on an ongoing basis. 
2 - Centralised Visualisation


Monitor system status in real time and correlate to the historical data to predict maintenance requirements and repair scheduling requirement to save on unexpected breakdowns and repairs.


3 - Centralised remote scheduling CENTRALISED REMOTE SCHEDULING 

Schedules on Portal allows you to fine tune the performance and output of luminaires by time of the day or day of the week from the comfort of your desk or any other space that you log in from. Each group of settings can be assigned a specific personality that allows replication of settings across different groups of luminaires through few simple clicks.



View aggregated building-wide maintenance data such as burn hours, light output, etc.


Locate sensor nodes or luminaires with faults on the Portal in real time to address issues on the go or schedule repairs to minimise interruption on the floor.


Data granularity of 5 minutes with the option to view aggregated data on an hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis.


With Portal, you can tag the sensors to group them by their location within the building or based on the usage of the workspace (corridor, meeting rooms, etc.). This feature makes it easy to program or modify settings and performance of specific luminaires to suit their environment, utility or occupants. 
4 - Tagging



Page or data loading time is obviously an important part of user experience and the fast interface of the Portal ensures quick response time, allowing users to view data in real time, without any lag.

6 - Real time visibility REAL-TIME VISIBILITY

Real-time analytics that provides insights into the current levels of energy consumption, occupancy, space utilisation and luminaire performance.


Portal combines past and current energy consumption, occupancy, luminaire performance data allowing the user to view utilisation and performance trends.


8 - Operional intelligence

Understand and improve day-to-day performance and health of building assets and resources with real-time analytics that provides insights into energy consumption, occupancy, luminaire performance data and operations.

7 - adaptive planning 

Make complex planning, operational and business decisions based on the analytics that combines past and current data.

14 - optimising space

Leverage actionable business intelligence by monitoring occupancy patterns and space –desk usage, breakout spaces and meeting rooms – identifying spare capacity within a building portfolio and deriving insights that can help validate a workspace redesign.

13 - improved returns

With clear visibility into the performance of the entire portfolio make fair comparisons and easy identification of successful initiatives that can be replicated resulting in significant returns in form of savings, efficiency and employee morale.

12 - ongoing optimisation

Add further to the 75% savings provided by Organic Response Lighting Control on an ongoing basis through additional optimisation, adjusting outputs based on time of the day, occupancy, ambient light levels and type of space.

11 - productivity improvement

Remotely access lighting controls to make modifications, responding to occupancy, environment and emergencies, thus improving productivity and the response time significantly.

10 - predictive maintenance

Receive real-time notification of faulty fixtures, and usage/status information about drivers, ballasts and lamps to schedule predictive/preventive maintenance resulting in reduced equipment costs, labour costs and lost production time.

9 - improved building efficiency

Provide the BMS/HVAC system with occupancy information in real time, improving utilisation of building systems.

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