e-Sense Tune

We are all different, and so are our preferences for light. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the lighting exactly as you want it, a light that adapts to your needs and personal preferences?

Now it’s a reality; the truly personal lighting solution.

Mimicking daylight, saving energy and energise you? e-Sense Tune does all that, and more.

Wireless plug and play


e-Sense Tune is a plug and play-control system. It is an innovative, decentralised standalone-system. e-Sense Tune is a truly personal, wireless lighting control system that suits all applications where one user at a time is allowed to control the light.

It’s fast to install and easy to control – you just install the luminaires and everything is ready to go. If you want to expand the system, you just add another room, and another and another … scalability is fierce!

Another strong argument for this solution is information safety. This system is not online, which makes it more difficult to hack. If attacking the system, it has to be done while physically inside the room, as it cannot be done over the Internet.


Human centric lighting...


e-Sense Tune is a true human-centric lighting solution, giving users the opportunity to work in a lighting environment that supports alertness and wellbeing. It is developed for any situation where one person “owns” the lighting and wants to adapt it to personal preferences and tasks. e-Sense Tune is intended for cellular offices, conference rooms or activity areas and can easily be combined with other types of control systems more suitable for large open plan offices.


... in your pocket

4 - In-pocket

The light is easily controlled with your phone or tablet. We have created an intuitive interface that’s really simple to use. Once you’ve made your settings, the lighting systems will automatically identify you and adapt to your personal preferences as soon as you enter the room. The system connects via Bluetooth Low Energy – Bluetooth Smart – and we have also developed a unique solution to make sure no users outside the room can affect the system.

Presence without a device gives a general lighting scene for cleaning services or similar.


Use pre-set scenarios...

2 - scenarios

The e-Sense Tune application incorporates four pre-set settings; Activate, with a cool, crisp, activating light, Focus with a warm, dimmed light, Adapt that gives a general light that adapt to the incoming daylight and Mimic with daylight-mimicking, a light that change intensity and colour temperature over the time of day.


... or create your own light

3 - create-your-own-light

In the app for e-Sense Tune for each user have the possibility to create and define two different personal lighting scenes. You can create various lighting scenarios for each connected luminaire in the room, both in intensity and colour temperature. A warmer light on the wall and a cooler over the desk, or vice versa.

The possibility with personal lighting scenes give the user the opportunities to set the lighting exactly as one want, and need. People over 45 years of age need twice as much light as a 20-year-old person and here e-Sense Tune can be set to meet every individual need.


Available on iOS or Android


Are you an Apple fan or do you prefer Android? No matter what, e-Sense Tune comes for both platforms, for phones and tablets. The same functionality and easy, understandable interface meets you in the application. As long as you have the device, the control is always at hand.

With the app for e-Sense Tune and a lighting system that includes the hard- and software required, you have a truly innovative lighting control in your hand, or in your pocket. The graphical interface is designed for ordinary users and very easy to understand even if you don’t have a clue about what Kelvin is.

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