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e-SenseDETECT comprising Microwave Sensor Technology affords a layer of BASIC-Automatic control for switching Luminaires On and OFF:


·         Integrated Microwave Sensors are discretely within the Luminaire

·         Bright-Out 500lux Plus = Sufficient Light = does not operate

·         Simple ON when = Occupancy/Movement Detected

·         No Movement / Occupancy = Simple OFF

·         Factory Configuration On time = 10 mins@ 100% and Then Off

·         Native Relay – Sensor  wired on power side of Driver

·         Control without the need for interconnecting cables

·         Microwave Technology High Penetration Sensor and Communications over-come built environment’s – e.g. Concrete floors stairs

·         Delay time, detection range and light value for the bright-out function can be set via 9 dip switches

·         Max. installation height 5 m

·         Variable detection area (100 – 10 %)

3 - Unnamed
Application Use Cases:

Typically where activity/occupancy in the area is infrequent and or does not require illumination at all times. Simple Design and Fast Installation, e-Sense Detect Luminaire’s eliminate the need of wall switches and or remote sensors considerations.


·         W/C, Store-Utility-Server Rooms

·         For Non -Task Specific Areas

·         Low occupancy periodic use

·         Project cost effective Light&Control in-one

·         No need to install separate Wall Switch or Sensors

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