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e-SenseDETECT comprising Microwave Sensor Technology affords a layer of BASIC-Automatic control for switching Luminaires On and OFF:


·         Integrated Microwave Sensors are discretely within the Luminaire

·         Simple ON when = Occupancy/Movement Detected

·         No Movement / Occupancy = Simple OFF

·         Factory Configuration On time = 5 seconds @ 100% and Then Off

·         Native Relay – Sensor  wired on power side of Driver

·         Control without the need for interconnecting cables

·         Microwave Technology High Penetration Sensor and Communications over-come built environment’s – e.g. Concrete floors stairs

·         Delay time, detection range and light value for the bright-out function can be set via 9 dip switches

·         Max. installation height 5 m

·         Variable detection area (100 – 10 %), default is 100%

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Application Use Cases:

Typically where activity/occupancy in the area is infrequent and or does not require illumination at all times. Simple Design and Fast Installation, e-Sense Detect Luminaire’s eliminate the need of wall switches and or remote sensors considerations.


·         W/C, Store-Utility-Server Rooms

·         For Non -Task Specific Areas

·         Low occupancy periodic use

·         Project cost effective Light&Control in-one

·         No need to install separate Wall Switch or Sensors




·        Not for use with phase cut dimmers
·        The sensor must protrude over the light sources
·        The power supply must be disconnected before installation
·        Suitable for installation only in indoor luminaires (e.g. corridors and closed
parking garage) without vibrations
·        Opening angle of the sensor: must be at least 45 %
·        Motion detection: only possible when thin housing material is used (e.g. plastic or
glass), do not use metal housing
·        Light sensor: must be able to detect reflected artificial light and reflected daylight
·        Reflected HF waves (e.g. of walls, floors, ceilings or furniture) from other
transmitters affect motion detection


Setting up
Setting the detection area

The detection area can be restricted to prevent the lighting system being switched on unnecessarily, as would be the case if the area were too large. The detection area indicates the diameter within which motion is detected.

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Setting the switch-off delay
To prevent the lighting system being switched on and off unnecessarily you can set a switch-off delay. The delay starts after the last motion in the detection area. If a further motion is detected in the detection area during this delay then the delay is retriggered. At the end of the delay the light will be switched off or the corridorFUNCTION is started.

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