e-Sense Connect

Fagerhult e-Sense Connect is an innovative wireless control system, equipped with intelligent daylight and occupancy control. Luminaires and sensors communicate with each other wirelessly, just like in a WLAN network.

Unlike a traditional control system, e-Sense Connect does not require any control cables, something which saves time and work for everyone involved.

e-Sense Connect is the simple, uncomplicated way to install energy-saving control system. Particularly in environments where the need for really good light is often greatest, such as classrooms, lecture halls and open-plan offices.

The technology behind the system is the most sophisticated developed for lighting control today; it focuses on making installation, maintenance and use incredibly simple.


  • Quick and incomplicated - no need to install control cables
  • No structural alterations to the building are necessary
  • Easy to prgoram, create up to seven groups for different needs
  • Complete system with sensors integrated into the luminaire
  • Energy-savings


  • Manual control
  • Daylight control
  • Occupancy detector
  • Offset
  • Wireless control

Fast and uncomplicated installation

e-Sense Connect luminaires with and without sensors are equipped with an RF unit. The luminaires are connected to mains voltage and therefore do not require any control cables to be routed. Nor are external sensors for occupancy and daylight control required since this function is integrated in the luminaires. For renovation installations the ceilings remain untouched, whole and clean.

Since installation does not require structural alterations, this reduces the installation time considerably, which is an extremely valuable advantage since the opportunities for repair and conversion work are often time-restricted. The programming is done quickly and easily via a remote control directed towards each luminaire.

Easy maintenance

The lack of control cables in the installation makes it easy to maintain the system. The simple grouping of luminaires means that the installer or maintenance staff have no need to learn an advanced control program.

Everything related to the installation is kept in the same room – no external control units are needed either in distribution boxes or elsewhere in the building.

Intuitive control

e-Sense Connect is easy to understand and use. The controller is a basic rotary potentiometer via which the user switches on and adjusts the light, avoiding complicated impulse push buttons.

The controller can be expanded to offer up to four extra control functions, e.g. switching whiteboard lighting on and off and dimming selected luminaires for projector mode. The entire system is turned off and reset when the occupancy detection sensors register that the room is empty. The light can also be switched off manually by pressing the potentiometer knob.



e-Sense Connect luminaires in general

All luminaires are equipped with an RF unit for communication with the control unit.

e-Sense Connect luminaire with sensor 

  • Luminaire with integrated sensor for detecting occupancy and daylight level.

e-Sense Connect luminaire without sensor 

  • Controlled via DALI or on/off via relay.
  • Switches off by relay even with DALI control in order to minimise parasitic power consumption.

Benefits of e-Sense Connect

  • Luminaires are only connected to the power supply – so no routing of control cables.
  • Simple programming with remote control.

Control functions

  • Manual switch-on with the potentiometer knob for daylight control.
  • Occupancy detection.
  • Daylight control in three zones.
  • Manual dimming via rotary potentiometer.
  • Projector mode – selected luminaires are dimmed to increase the contrast.

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