Fagerhult's business concept is to develop, manufacture, and market lighting systems for public environments. With value placed in customer focus, a culture of performance and an innovative mindset, the vision is to create energy efficient lighting solutions contributing to an ergonomically sound environment in an international arena.

He would create light

The Fagerhult story begins in a small Swedish town of the same name. 23 year old electrician, Bertil Svensson, saw that his mother, needed a way to relax during the evening. With little light due to scarcity of electricity in many houses of the time, Bertil saw a problem that required a solution.

In the months until Christmas 1943, he worked to form a question mark-shaped lamp that would shine directly over his mother so she could read and do needlework. When he saw her reaction, he made a decision that day to create lamps to respond to people’s needs.

With little money or business knowledge, Bertil enlisted the help of two friends to start a company – Fagerhult. By 1946, the company was established and had built the first of forty buildings that still stand at the Fagerhult factory today.