• Lighting the Modern Aged Care Facility
    Download — 24.1MB
  • Car parks & Pathway Lighting
    Download — 6.3MB
  • Transport + Custodial Brochure
    Download — 2MB
  • Marathon G2 + Lighting Track Pro
    Download — 1.8MB
  • e-Sense Manuals

    e-Sense is the quick and easy choice when installing lighting control. e-Sense represent ease-of-use, efficiency, ergonomics and economy. 

    Download — 1.1MB
  • Innovator 8
    Innovator 8

    Sustainability in all aspects! - This issue of the Innovator focuses on sustainable lighting solutions from a holistic perspective.

    Download — 4.7MB
  • The Healing Power of Light

    A guide to Healthcare Lighting Solutions. Now includes an interactive table of contents, navigation between pages

    Download — 22.8MB
  • Seismic Restraint Kit
    Download — 1MB
  • Our Products - Organic Response Enabled
    Download — 6MB
  • Linjar

    Low glare, low system power and high efficacy

    Download — 3.9MB
  • Vialume - Light for the Living Street
    Download — 3MB
  • Aureled Range
    Download — 2.8MB
  • Aureled Vista

    A slimline LED luminaire with a printed acrylic diffuser suitable for recessed mounting and T-Bar ceilings

    Download — 2.2MB
  • Orion

    An easy to install, efficient and elegant range of LED downlights designed to be used across a broad range of applications where an affordable, no-fuss but beautiful solution is needed.

    Download — 2.1MB
  • Organic Response

    Our lighting controls supplier, Organic Response, detail the features of their award winning technology

    Download — 0.3MB
  • The Light Quality of LEDs

    Delves into the many factors that affect the light quality of LEDs

    Download — 1.9MB
  • LED Downlights

    A range of LED Downlights assembled in Australia

    Download — 2.5MB
  • Pedagogics of Light

    Adapted to Australian lighting standards, Pedagogics provides a great case study into lighting for Education.

    Download — 3.7MB
  • Multifive G2

    The Multifive G2 has been a staple ELA luminaire for over 10 years, read about how this fitting meets BCA and Greenstar requirements with ease.

    Download — 2.5MB
  • Innovator 1
    Innovator 1

    The Future is Bright - This issue is focused on the LED technology and the opportunities this brings.

    Download — 4.9MB
  • Innovator 2
    Innovator 2

    Keeping up with the retail industry - A look at the trends and interesting tendencies prevalentin the retail market.

    Download — 20.5MB
  • Innovator 3
    Innovator 3

    Inspiration, light and creativity - A look at the creative people who truly innovate and inspire others.

    Download — 4.2MB
  • Innovator 4
    Innovator 4

    Spark creativity through co-creation - Looking at stories where co-creation and creativity have been key success factors.

    Download — 5.2MB
  • Innovator 5
    Innovator 5

    Architecture, design and branding - This issue of the Innovator focuses on architecture, design and branding.

    Download — 5.4MB
  • Innovator 6
    Innovator 6

    HISTORY OF FAGERHULT 70 years of lighting knowledge

    Download — 5MB
  • Innovator 7

    This issue is dedicated to different food sectors like hypermarkets, convenient stores, restaurants and cafes.

    Download — 6.8MB