Zone Evo

Published 09 May 2014

High Colour Rendering or High Efficiency? You decide!

Zone Evo gives you the power to choose between CRI >80 with system efficiency of 90lm/w OR CRI >90 while still achieving a system efficiency of up to 80lm/w.

Uses up to 50% less energy than the metal halide alternative

The Zone Evo II provides lumen packages equivalent to that of a 70 watt metal halide spotlight whilst using up to 50% less energy. It also comes with the added benefit of low maintenance costs because unlike its counterpart an LED fitting won't need to be re-lamped.

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A whole family with excellent visual performance

The segmented MIRO reflector technology makes it extremely efficient with excellent visual performance.

  • Fortimo SLM ranging from 1100, 2000, 3000 to 4500lm
  • Colour temperature ranges from 3000 to 4000K
  • CRI varies between products at either >80 or >90
  • Multiple distribution options between 9 to 44 degrees
  • Large range of accessories are available to enhance the control and reduce the luminance

Five different mounting options

7 - install big2Zone Evo's mounting flexibility makes it possible to work with a spotlight in the same design language and light quality throughout the whole project.

Zone Evo I and Zone Evo II are for installation on
3-circuit track mounting. 
Its rectangular ballast box allows for installation on walls as well as both high and low ceilings. They both have a stylish conical design which is light and flexible in appearance. 

Zone Evo III iTrack DALI is mounted on iTrack and is suitable for installation in the same areas as Zone Evo I and II with the added benefit of DALI dimming. It has a dim range of 100% to 10%.

9 - white2Zone Evo Recessed is for installation in ventilated or non-ventilated ceilings. The housing can be rotated 360° and tilted 20 to 90°. 
The Zone Evo Box and Zone Evo Line offer solutions for a situation where a recessed spotlight is desired but not possible due to the ceiling layout.

12 - boxZone Evo Box (shown right) is a suspended box installation for recessed Zone Evo luminaires. It's perfect for high ceilings and the height of the suspension can also be easily adjusted if required. There are four installation points for luminaire units and you choose yourself what units to put where. 

Zone Evo Line is a ceiling mounted décor frame that is filled with Zone Evo Recessed luminaires which makes it appropriate for suspended plasterboard ceilings. There are six fixed installation points for a maximum of six fixtures in the frame.

Suitable for both high and low ceilings

Another strong feature is the horizontally oriented ballast box. There are many different ways to orient the ballast box. A horizontal orientation makes the spotlight more flat making it ideal for low ceilings.


  • Barndoors
  • Honeycomb louvre
  • Baffle ring
  • Cape cone 


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