Vialume - Light for the living street

Published 28 August 2014

3 - UnnamedLighting outdoors is all about putting people at the centre. Security is one of our most vital needs, and when the outdoor room has the right lighting it also increases the sense of security. The lighting is not any guarantee that no crime is committed, but it makes a big difference. Five different UK surveys show that improved lighting can reduce crime by 29 percent (National Crime Prevention Council report 2007:28).

Did you know that a 40-year-old needs as much as 4 times as much light to see as well as a 20-year-old, and a 60-year-old needs 8 times as much light? With our aging population the risk of accidents on poorly lit streets obviously increases. For safety on our roads, the ability to react quickly is often crucial. As we get older both our responsiveness and our vision gets worse. With an aging population, it becomes even more important to have well-lit roads.

Glare is the result of our eye being exposed to a higher level of light than the eye has already adapted to. In short, we can say that glare is a major problem during the hours of darkness because the difference between darkness and light is then more pronounced. Our lighting solutions will combine energy efficient fixtures with visual comfort. How we are affected by light must never be neglected - it's technological development with a human approach.

We want our solutions to reflect our view of quality in both light and fixtures. The product design fits into our public spaces - from traditional to modern - while creating an identity for the area. Our solutions will bring the overall picture and understanding of how light affects our environment in interaction with the luminaires' performance, quality and flexibility.

Vialume 1 is the result of close collaboration between Fagerhult and ÅF Lighting and Tuxen Design. Our new star stands for visual comfort, Nordic design and energy efficiency. The product fits along pedestrian and cycle paths, in residential areas and smaller city streets.

Vialume  - Visual comfort, no compromise in performance.

For more information and technical data download our Vialume Brochure